Village guard thwarts, guns down suspected thief

Village guard thwarts, guns down suspected thief

MANILA, Philippines — A suspected thief was shot dead after he tried to attack a village security guard in Quezon City on Friday morning.

Quezon City Police Department – Batasan police station chief Lt. Col. Romulus Gadaoni said security guard Roy Tenorio was on patrol at Filinvest 2 subdivision in Barangay Batasan Hills when he spotted the suspect clad in black shirt, denim pants and slippers, trying to exit a house at around 3:45 a.m.

The suspect, apparently rattled by Tenorio’s presence, grabbed a broken metal bar and hurled it at the security guard.

Tenorio warded off the attack and shot the suspect, who died on the spot.

Recovered from the fatality were a “balisong” or fan knife, two cellphones, a deformed fired bullet, three fired cartridge cases, several identification cards and a metal bar. Police said some of the retrieved items belonged to the homeowners.

Police said the slain suspect was around 30 to 35 years old.

In a phone interview with, Staff Sgt. Anthony Tejerero said they have yet to identify the suspect who carried several identification cards with different names and photos.

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