Taguig City to create solid waste management office

Taguig City to create solid waste management office

MANILA, Philippines — The Taguig City government will be creating a Sustainable Livelihood Office which aims to strengthen the local government’s efforts to reduce solid waste by 80 percent in three years.

In a statement on Saturday, Taguig City Mayor Lino Cayetano announced the development, saying the initiative will help address the city’s flooding problems. It will also open more jobs for Taguige?os such as waste collectors and monitoring staff members.

Aside from this, the Taguig City government will also join in banning single-use plastics by encouraging residents to use bags or eco-bags when shopping for supplies at malls, convenience stores, and other establishments.

Cayetano also appealed to barangay captains to help in implementing “zero waste” drives in their respective areas to heighten the city government’s waste reduction campaign.

“The key for this is information dissemination. Focusing on segregating-at-source, every household, school, business in Taguig will be taught how to properly manage their trash,” Cayetano said.

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