Poy Erram still attending NLEX until trade is finalized

Poy Erram still attending NLEX until trade is finalized

MANILA, Philippines—Poy Erram is still an NLEX Road Warrior, at least for the time being.

The trade that would’ve sent Erram to TNT as part of a three-team trade is still in limbo after the committee that reviews players’ transactions told the parties involved to revise the deal Tuesday.

Erram didn’t play in the Road Warriors’ 104-89 victory against Alaska in a tune-up game Wednesday but the 6-foot-7 center said he is still with NLEX until things are finalized.

“I know what team I belong to, I’m still a member of NLEX,” said Erram in Filipino. “That’s my team and that’s the ball club I want to be in. This is also what coach Yeng [Guiao] wants.”

“Until now, I’m still a part of NLEX.”

The initial three-team trade between NLEX, TNT, and Blackwater would’ve sent Erram to the KaTropa, Anthony Semerad to the Road Warriors and the duo of Marion Magat and Ed Daquioag to the Elite.

Guiao said that Erram still practices with the team.

“We still consider him as part of the team until there’s a final revision to the trade,” said Guiao. “We’re just trying to relish our last few days together. He goes to practice and he wants to be with his teammates even though he knows that there’s a pending development.”

Erram said he’s hardly unbothered with the trade news and the uncertainty of it, but he did admit feeling sad because it’s ultimately not his decision that would be followed.

“We’re all professionals here and getting traded is part of basketball,” said Erram. “I’m sad because I really don’t have a say on what will happen because it’s the decision of the higher-ups.”

“As for my teammates, they’re happy because I’m still here. We’re still going through our normal routine in practice and we’ll still kill each other on practice,” added Erram.

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