PDEA warns vs injectable shabu

PDEA warns vs injectable shabu

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) yesterday expressed alarm over the sale of injectable methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu on social media sites and dating apps.

“Drug dealers have become brazen in publicly advertising and selling their illicit products online or through social media. Rest assured that PDEA will be relentless in stopping this method of drug trafficking,” PDEA chief Aaron Aquino said in a statement.

Injectable shabu is fast becoming popular among drug users since its effects would be felt in a shorter amount of time, he said.

However, this method can lead to accidental drug overdoses and the spread of contagious diseases when needles are shared, Aquino said.

Last week, PDEA operatives arrested Mark Kenneth San Juan, 23, and Jeffrey Saclao, 28, selling injectable shabu during a sting in Mandaluyong. They were caught with 26 syringes containing liquid shabu.

The two allegedly sold the injectable shabu through different social media sites and contacted their clients through messaging apps.

They allegedly sell a syringe containing 20 cc of shabu for P1,000 and charge a service fee of P300 for administering the injection.

“Besides liquid shabu, the suspects sell shabu by the gram. They either transact their businesses via meetups or delivery through courier service platforms,” Aquino said.

Shabu is liquefied by diluting the crystals in sterile water and aspirated using a tuberculin syringe. It is then administered by direct injection into the veins. ­              

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