More Pangasinan barangays affected by ASF

More Pangasinan barangays affected by ASF

MANGALDAN, Pangasinan, Philippines — More hogs in this town and in Lingayen have tested positive for African swine fever (ASF), officials said yesterday.

Results of blood tests conducted on the animals in Barangay Lanas on Monday confirmed the hogs were infected with the  ASF virus. 

The results were sent by the Provincial Veterinary Office to the offices of the mayor and municipal agriculture, according to Councilor Aldrin Soriano, chairman of the committee on public information, mass media and social media.

“The affected hogs will be culled by the ASF task force, including those within the one-kilometer radius from the site of the infection,” Soriano said.

Lanas became the fourth barangay in this town to be affected by the swine disease. The others are Alitaya, Bateng and Palua. 

Hogs in the nearby villages of Salaan and Tebag tested negative for ASF.

Soriano said hogs in some parts of Barangay Salaan will also be culled as there are portions of the village that are within the one-kilometer radius of the site of infection.

Blood samples were taken from hogs in four other barangays – Anolid, Osiem, Navaluan and Talogtog – where deaths of pigs for unknown reasons have been reported.

The results of the tests will be released today.

Meanwhile, the municipal agriculture office in Lingayen has confirmed that more barangays in the area are now affected by ASF.

From three, the number of ASF-affected villages rose to five with the recent inclusion of Matalava and Tonton, according to municipal agriculturist Rodolfo dela Cruz.

The three others are Libsong East, Libsong West and Namolan.

Dela Cruz clarified that the extent of infection is minimal.

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