Cristine Reyes has finally mellowed with age

Cristine Reyes has finally mellowed with age

For much of her career, Cristine Reyes has had a reputation for being “feisty” and irritable, particularly toward the show biz press. She was known to give one-word replies. She would dodge or, at times, even walk out of interviews when she didn’t feel like answering questions. But those days are well behind her, the actress said.

“I’m 31. I was 14 or 15 when you first saw me as someone feisty. And I had days when I couldn’t control my emotions that well. But over time, you learn to improve yourself. And you realize that you don’t have to be combative all the time,” she said at a press conference for her new movie “Untrue,” which opened in cinemas last Feb. 19.

“I’m just trying to be a better person to myself, to other people and when it comes to work,” she added.

Now that she’s older and more mature, Cristine has become more “appreciative” of her chosen profession —and everything else that comes with it.

“I now have a deeper understanding of the career path I had gotten myself into. Because when I was just starting, honestly, I didn’t care [about answering questions]. I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to answer that. Why are you asking that?’ That’s how I used to be,” she admitted.

“Now I realize that it’s all part of the job. And now I can say that I can face people better, I’m not as impulsive—I don’t walk out anymore,” Cristine added. “I’m more appreciative of being here and of the job I have.”

Being a mother has also, in a way, mellowed her. “It was a big thing for me—life-changing,” stressed the Viva actress, who has a 5-year-old daughter, Amarah, with her estranged husband, Ali Khatibi.

Looking at Cristine’s Instagram account, one would see that it’s full of photos and videos of Amarah; of their travels and bonding moments together. Despite her busy schedule, the actress always makes it a point to spend quality time with her child.

“I realize that life is short and that time is a lot more important than money. We should make time for all the people we love, value the things that are important to them. Always give your best. Make sure to make them feel loved,” she said. “We don’t know what the future holds. And so I want to give everything to Amarah.”

Needless to say, finding new love isn’t a priority for Cristine right now. “It’s better to just wait, instead of saying you’re open to dating or whatnot. I’m focused on my family and work. That’s more important,” she pointed out.

“Untrue,” which was shot in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a he said-she said, genre-bending romance thriller movie that delves on love, abuse, deceit and revenge. Mara (Cristine) and Joachim (Xian Lim), two of the handful of Filipinos in the said country, cross paths and find companionship and solace in each other. “It’s about two people who are crazy in love. I think there’s always a bit of craziness when we fall in love. If you weren’t head over heels at one point, did you really love?” Cristine said. “However, you must love yourself first. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.”

Has anyone been untrue to her? She has had her experiences, Cristine said.

“But you learn because of that. You learn from past experiences. You have to. Otherwise, it will happen over again. You get mad and ask why it’s happening. In the end, you have to forgive those who have been untrue … To make things easier for you.”

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