3 teens rob jogging woman in Digos City

3 teens rob jogging woman in Digos City

DIGOS CITY, Davao del Sur, Philippines — Police are hunting down three teens who robbed a woman who was jogging along a street in Barangay Zone 2 here on Tuesday.

Authorities believe Tuesday’s incident was not the first for the young boys.

Anna Liza Tampipi, manager of a lending outfit, told police probers that while she was jogging, a teenager came by, poked a bladed weapon at her and ask for her sling pouch.

Another boy was at a distance serving as a lookout.

After getting the pouch, the boys then ran towards a waiting tricycle driven by another teenager.

Tampipi said the pouch contained, among others, her mobile phone.

A man witnessed the incident and followed the tricycle which stopped at Barangay Tiguman, several kilometers away. He called the police to pursue the robbers.

The three boys escaped to a nearby banana plantation before the police could get their hands on them, leaving the tricycle behind and a sling bag that probably belonged to another victim.

Two of the robbers have already been identified, according to police.


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