What happens when diplomats do lunch? My lips are sealed

What happens when diplomats do lunch? My lips are sealed

Civic-oriented philanthropist Nene Leonor hosted a relaxed lunch for the one-of-a-kind couple from old wealth pedigree Ambassador to London Antonio “Tonet” Lagdameo and his adorable wife Linda Floirendo Lagdameo. The lunch was held at the chic members-only Manila House, naturellement, at BGC.

It was a gathering of well-known personalities such as Philippine Ambassador to Spain Philip Lhuillier and his wife Edna Diago Lhuillier, Egyptian Ambassador Ahmed Ezzat and wife Mervat, Singaporean Ambassador Gerard Ho, Mme. Rhonda Robinson of Australia; Japanese Ambassador Koji Haneda, French Ambassador Nicolas Galey, Monaco Consul General Fortune Ledesma and Gambia Consul Agnes Huibonhoa. They shared political talk and social activities over a delicious lunch.

The sumptuous menu — developed from the host’s very own kitchen — consisted of homemade sweet potato and taro chips with garlic aioli dip. Manila House specialities included nori chips with tuna tartare, Caesar salad, seafood paella, salt-crusted dish with calamansi, soy sauce and chili vinegar; Russian tomahawk with béarnaise sauce, ikura and caviar pasta.

When we asked Ambassador Lagdameo his thoughts about Meghan Markle, he replied: “Let the lady answer that question.”

Diplomatic topics were also brought up, but my lips are sealed, dahlings.

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