WARNING: This online challenge causes fire

WARNING: This online challenge causes fire


We’re just in the second month of 2020, but a lot of bizarre internet challenges are popping up and some of them are even life-threatening.

A dare named #PennyChallenge is circulating on social media platform TikTok. This one is too dangerous that it’s even been identified as the cause behind the fire incidents that happened in Westford Academy, Massachusetts.

In a statement, Massachusetts state fire marshal?Peter Ostroskey described this dare as an “unsafe use of electricity and fire.” It involves using the plug part of phone charger, partially inserting it into the wall outlet, and sliding a penny down the wall on the exposed prongs,” he says. “The result is sparks, electrical system damage, and in some cases fire.” Peter also said that the students involved in the incident in Westford Academy will face charges.


In an interview with Jarold Bien Callorina, a registered master electrician, he told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle that aside from causing electrical glitch and fire, the health of the person participating in this challenge is also at stake.

“A human body is largely composed of water, and water is number one conductor of electricity,” he explains. “Thus, playing with electricity or with an electrical socket is too dangerous. Electric shock may flow to one’s body that may cause loss of consciousness, difficulty of breathing, severe burns, and worst, death.”

He then pleaded to everyone not to mimic the viral video. “There’s a lot of incidents involving electricity and we can say that those who survived were just lucky,” he says. “Please, don’t let it happen to you or to your loved ones. Electricity is not a joke and playing with it may even cost you your own life.”

Parents are advised to beware of this #PennyChallenge, educate and protect their children by letting them know about the repercussions of joining this bandwagon.

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