As Janice would say, “Oh… my… God!”

Fresh from celebrating its 25th anniversary, the hit sit-com?Friends?is set to have an unscripted hour-long reunion special courtesy of upcoming streamer HBO Max as part of its big launch plans. The entire main cast—Jennifer Aniston,?Courteney Cox,?Lisa Kudrow,?Matt LeBlanc,?Matthew Perry, and?David Schwimmer—are all expected to return.

It took a while for HBO Max to negotiate a deal with the series’ original producer Warner Bros. TV, particularly due to money issues. The final deal will fall around to each star being paid between three and four million dollars, a grand total of nearly $20 million just for talents.

HBO Max had to buy the rights from streaming competitor Netflix for $425 million, as?Friends?was one of Netflix’s streaming shows. The popularity of the show, after 25 years, cannot be understated, in fact a selfie posted by Aniston along with her fellow?Friends?co-stars set a new Guinness World Records for the fastest time to reach one million followers.

And in case you’re still not convinced, check what Perry tweeted a few days ago:

Could we BE any more excited?!

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