BEWARE: Teenage girl dies from this online challenge—Report

BEWARE: Teenage girl dies from this online challenge—Report


The rise of the internet has brought with it different online craze and challenges. A recent dangerous one is going around on TikTok, and it’s a new dare called Tripping Jump or Skull Breaker Challenge pop up.

Reportedly originated from the USA, this dare where kids or individuals would trick their friend to jump, then swoop their legs from behind. This causes the victim to trip and land flat on the ground. Unfortunately, this supposed simple and fun prank is too risky that it has already killed an individual and caused physical harm to other victims.

According to Thai newspaper, Khaosod, in Brazil, a 16-year-old girl died after her two schoolmates tried the challenge with her. She hit her head on the ground and lost consciousness. She was brought to the hospital, and later on declared dead.

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In an interview with The Manila Bulletin’s resident physician Dr. Anthony Manio, he said Skull Breaker damage may cause cervical injury that can lead to death. “There’s a possibility that the impact is on the neck. Once you hit your neck or your spinal cord, the connection of the brain to body, when it breaks, at once it could kill you.”

He also said that this could also cause permanent disabilities such as paralysis, numbness, and other spinal cord injuries. “Anything that can have an impact from head down to the spine may cause injuries. It may not be fatal, but one can be paralyzed,” he said.

It is important for the parents to be aware of this trend, educate their children about the repercussions of this challenge, and protect them from either being the victim or on being the enabler of this life-threatening craze.

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