Why Jane and RK think their friendship could turn into love

Why Jane and RK think their friendship could turn into love

Now that they are back to being single, the 23-year-old actress Jane Oineza and 31-year-old actor RK Bagatsing are ready to mingle, even with each other.


After their first teamup in the 2018 drama series “Araw Gabi,” during which each of them was in a relationship, the two star in “Us Again.” Naturally, in the course of shooting the upcoming Regal Entertainment movie, they have become closer to each other.

In an interview, the two were asked about the possibility of romance blossoming between them.

“Why not?” RK said. “Kahit sino…maraming gustong manligaw dito kay Jane.”

Does he think Jane is girlfriend material?

“Definitely,” he answered. “Nasa kanya na lahat. I’m sure hindi lang ako ang magsasabi niyan.”

Jane thinks the same of RK.

“Base sa mga napagsamahan namin from ‘Araw Gabi’ hanggang ngayon dito sa ‘Us Again,’ oo naman (boyfriend material siya),” she said. “Mabait, maalaga, may abs, crushie, hunk, masayang kasama.”

At the very least, their friendship has leveled up.

“Sobrang gaan niya kasama. Parang ‘pag nasa work kami tawa lang ng tawa. Tas aside from work we hang out. Masaya siya kasama,” RK said.

Delicate scenes

“Us Again” is about two people, whose lives get reconnected by a goal, entangled by a mistake, locked in by a road trip, softened by forgiveness and the idea of a second chance, and finally wrapped in a huge, life-changing secret.

Jane plays Margie, an unfulfilled medical technician who had a devastating breakup five years ago. In the course of rebuilding her life, she avoids getting derailed again and going through another heartbreak.

Yet, as fate would have it, her ex, Mike (RK), returns from abroad to try and make amends with her. Will Margie allow it?


According to the actors, the movie will make viewers realize that while people come and go, self-love could serve as anchor.

Jane and RK did some intimate scenes in the movie. How did they prepare for those?

“We had an in-depth discussion with the director about the scene, where the characters are coming from and where the story is heading,” answered RK.

Jane simply said: “Wala naman pong preparations. It’s part of our job as actors.”

No, they did not feel awkward doing the scenes.

“At the end of the day, you have a job to do and a story to tell,” RK pointed out. “Besides, it’s my responsibility (as leading man) to make my partner feel safe in every scene we do.”

He added it’s all about having open communication lines.

“Siyempre naman bilang babae, kailangan ma-feel nila na safe sila du’n sa ginagalawan sa set. And ako, ‘pag parang alanganin siya eh ma-feel ko naman ‘yun so kakausapin ko siya.”

Jane agreed, saying it helped that they worked before “Us Again.”

“Sa ‘Araw Gabi’ meron ng ganu’ng scenes at ang masasabi ko eh comfortable na ako with RK sa mga intimate scenes. He’s gentleman, pinaparamdam niya na safe naman ako at maalaga sa mga eksena.”

“Us Again” also stars Jin Macapagal, Sarah Edwards, Eda Nolan, Miko Gallardo, Clara Del Rosario, Minnie Nato, Veronica Reyes, and Phiona Raymundo. It opens in cinemas on Feb. 26.

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