Successful 'UnTrue' premiere night

Successful 'UnTrue' premiere night

Xian Lim, Cristine Reyes and director Sigrid Bernardo were all smiles as soon as the lights went on at Estancia Mall where they held the premiere night of their latest movie from Viva Films, “UnTrue,” on Feb. 17.

The psychological-drama-thriller proved to be a dark, intriguing ride that shows there are always two sides to a story, especially in a marriage gone south. Also attending the event were JC Santos, Phoebe Walker, Rhen Escano, Ice Seguerra and Film Development Council of the Philippines chairperson Liza Dino, who all congratulated the stars and the director of the movie for job well done.


In the movie, Cristine and Xian play Mara and Joaquim, two lonely Filipino migrants in the country of Georgia who find solace and companionship in each other. They hastily get married, without even getting to know each other very well.

When their fiery romance turns into heated arguments and physical abuse, Mara goes straight to the Georgian police. Following her narration of how she married a mad man, Joachim defends himself with his own version of the events, pointing to his wife as the real lunatic.

In this he-said/she-said film, a strange apparition of a woman adds to the suspense. As Mara and Joaquim fight to discredit each other, truth, lies, and a dark past are brought to the surface.

“Untrue” was featured at the Tokyo International Film Festival last October, along with seven other notable Filipino films. From Viva Films, in cooperation with The IdeaFirst Company, the movie opens in cinemas nationwide on Feb. 19.

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