Rick Price and Morissette release duet version of his classic '90s ballad

Rick Price and Morissette release duet version of his classic '90s ballad

Australian singer-songwriter and producer Rick Price teams up with Pinay singer Morissette in the 2020 version of “Heaven Knows.”

Rick Price and Morissette Amon

The classic ballad is rearranged with a fuller sound and a more contemporary touch.

“The original recording of “Heaven Knows” is basically piano and voice only,” the award-winning Rick Price disclosed in a statement. “The new version is a duet and has a full band added with lush strings and background vocals.”

Morissette gave the iteration a different spin with her adept and powerful vocals but stayed true to the song’s enduring message of romantic longing.

“Working on this track, RP and I kind of agreed that we didn’t want to make the verses predictable, but to keep the chorus singable and heartfelt,” she said. “He also allowed me to put my own flavor and twists into the melodies.”

Pairing made in heaven

The collaboration, according to Rick, is monumental to him because it pays tribute to one of the biggest hits of his career.
“Thankfully my record label Sony Music was able to put me in touch with Morissette,” he gushed. “I fell in love with her voice. She made me cry: truly the voice of an angel. Morissette is a wonderfully talented artist and a delight to work with.”
Morrisette returned the compliment.

“Getting to work with an international music icon such as Rick Price is such an honor, and with a song that I didn’t only grow up to but should continually be passed on through generations. This project inspires and challenges me to appreciate and do different types of music.”

A classic love anthem

“Heaven Knows” was first released in 1992, and peaked at #6 on ARIA Singles Chart. In the Philippines, the beloved Rick Price anthem became a staple adult contemporary smash with longevity that spans for more than 25 years.
Even Rick Price himself has no idea why the song continues to make a mark up to the present day. “It’s hard to say why this song has stayed around for so long. It just seemed to strike a chord with so many people. I imagine almost every human being experiences heart break and loss at some point in their life and it’s comforting to know we are not alone in that process.”

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