Pinay rapper teams up with BTS collaborator

Pinay rapper teams up with BTS collaborator

Alex Bruce’s second single “Go Crazy” sees her join hands with Filipino-Canadian songwriter and producer August Rigo, the other half of the songwriting duo behind BTS’s worldwide smash “Black Swan.”

The track is about the Filipina rapper’s musical journey, and the struggles she has to overcome in her bid to discover a bigger world outside of dreams and opportunities.

“The song is all about me dreaming big,” the young talent revealed in a statement. “It’s also about my vision of how the world will interact with me and my music. Literally, it’s about pushing through my blueprint and perspectives, no matter how hard it is.”

Having written or produced songs for Justin Bieber, One Direction, Kehlani, and BTS to name a few, Rigo takes pride in being part of Alex’s upcoming release. The hitmaker who also co-wrote three tracks on Justin Bieber’s multi-platinum album, “My World 2.0,” once again enlisted his fellow songwriter and producer Vince Nantes to come up with the track that reflects Bruce’s charismatic persona.

Alex Bruce and August Rigo

“I wanted to make sure to capture the energy and vibe of Alex’s current music because I really loved what they had going on. I just wanted to incorporate some of my vibes with hers to create something real fresh and new but still true to her and what she has built thus far,” Rigo said.

Alex returned the favor by expressing how truly honored she is working with the musician for the global stars.

“Actually, I didn’t know him at first, until I was introduced to his body of work. I was a big fan of those artists he worked with. I remember the first time I chatted with him over Skype, and got amazed after finding out how down to earth this person is. He’s so kind, accommodating, and friendly despite his accomplishments. He just unlocked a new version of me.”

Bruce previously released “Pull It Off” under Sony Music Philippines.

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