Matteo, Sarah go shopping for new house

Matteo, Sarah go shopping for new house

Amid the controversies surrounding their intimate wedding, Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo seem to be enjoying married life.

Several reports claimed the two bought a condo near that of Matteo’s relatives. Although there is no evidence on the matter, one thing is for sure: They are now living together.

This was confirmed by Dr. Vicky Belo based on the Instagram video she uploaded, Wednesday. In it, the newly-wed couple was seen in a mall, getting some glassware for their house.

The clip also showed Vicky’s daughter, Scarlet Snow, helping Sarah and Matteo pick plates, utensils and cups.

“Shopping for the house. Tita Sarah is moving to her new house so they are buying plates and utensils and cups. And Matteo’s pretending he knows what he’s doing,” Belo said on video.

On the same day, Sarah was also spotted shopping for clothes at a mall in Makati.

Matteo, in his own page, thanked the celebrity doctor for accompanying them. He also expressed gratitude to her “for always loving Sarah.”

Matteo and Sarah secretly exchanged I’Dos at the Victory Church in Taguig last Feb. 20. A church wedding will be held next month in Italy.

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