'Locke & Key' based on comic book series by Joe Hill

'Locke & Key' based on comic book series by Joe Hill

Netflix’s newly released series “Locke & Key” is based from a comic book series written by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill.

Joe Hill (Instagram / MANILA BULLETIN)

The series follows the story of the three siblings who moved with their mom to their dad’s ancestral estate, where they discover magical keys that unlock powers and secrets.

Hill garnered an Eisner Award for Best Writer for “Locke & Key” which was his long-running comic book series.

The series is written by Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, who both made a cameo on the show’s finale of the first season.

Locke & Key (Instagram / MANILA BULLETIN)

Locke & Key (Instagram / MANILA BULLETIN)

Rodriguez drew himself and Hill into the comic as paramedics in the first chapter of Locke & Key: Alpha & Omega, according to Syfy Wire.

Meanwhile, the real Rodriguez and Hill were spotted as paramedics in the show’s finale “Crown of Shadows” on Netflix.

There is no announcement yet for the second season but the showrunners told Syfy Wire in an interview that they have already written seven new episodes even without the official green light from Netflix.

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