HOLLYWOOD BULLETIN: Ella Jay Basco ready to spread her wings

HOLLYWOOD BULLETIN: Ella Jay Basco ready to spread her wings

Los Angeles — Don’t look now but pretty soon the name Ella Jay Basco will be a household name.

The charming and petite Filipina-Korean-American 13-year-old is featured in the action-packed Cathy Yan-helmed “Birds of Prey” and she has proven that she can act.

Ella Jay Basco arrives at the HFPA and The Hollywood Reporter’s celebration of the 2020 Golden Globe? Awards Season and the Unveiling of the Golden Globe Ambassador. Presented by Clarins, Britbox, Mo?t, and Icelandic Glacial.
77th Annual Golden Globe Awards set to air live on NBC on January 4, 2020.

The second of four children of actor Derek Basco (of the famous Filipino acting Basco family) and Korean-American Emily Cho, who is also Ella’s manager, Ella is quickly making a name for herself with her dramatic acting chops.

Ella’s credits include “Veep,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Teachers,” “Superior Donuts,” “Happyland” and the short film “Glimpse of Heaven.” She started her career at six months old in an Old Navy print campaign.

Outside of acting, Ella is a singer/songwriter and accomplished musician, playing the guitar, piano and ukulele. She has just released the album “Middle School.” She is also a trained dancer.

We were able to catch Ella in between her travels while promoting her latest movie. Below are excerpts of our interview with her:

Did your parents or uncles give you any tips in acting since you came from a family of actors?

“Yes! They have given me so many exercises to help with memorizing lines, taught me how to make choices with characters and get in the zone when I’m performing. My dad is also my acting coach so throughout the audition process for this movie he really helped me figure out the character of Cassandra Cain.”

Did you get training on ‘pickpocketing?’ How was the experience?

“Majority of my training for this movie was magic training. A magician from the Magic Castle by the name Roby Sobieski taught me the culture and history behind pickpocketing. I have one distinct scene filled with stealing so he really coached me to make sure that it was clear. Roby taught me how to roll coins, play with cards…and steal diamonds.”

How are the trips to various countries going for you? What places have you been to and what is your favorite and why?

“We have been to New York, Brazil and London to promote the movie. Everywhere we’ve been, the fans have been so amazing and supportive of the movie. It was awesome getting the chance to meet so many of them and I am so grateful for the experience in general.”

Have you been to the Philippines?

“I haven’t been to the Philippines yet, but my dad and uncles have. They’ve told me so many great things about the Philippines and I’m dying to go!”

Can you speak Tagalog? What are your favorite Filipino food?

“Unfortunately, I do not speak Tagalog. My favorite Filipino food would have to be adobo — my dad’s chicken adobo.”

What did you learn from your experience in doing your latest movie?

“I learned so much from my first experience on a big movie set. I learned a lot about building relationships and the importance of first impressions. I learned how to pickpocket and curse, which is something I don’t do every day. Margot (Robbie) and the other ladies taught me so many wonderful things and have given so much advice that I will never forget! The most important things they taught me were how to be a boss and how to strive for my goals in life.”

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