Hollywood actor Sam Worthington to star in ‘CounterPlay”

Hollywood actor Sam Worthington to star in ‘CounterPlay”

Australian actor Sam Worthington, star of the blockbuster Hollywood film “Avatar,” will lead the cast of a new movie entitled “CounterPlay” which will be shot in the Philippines soon.


This was officially announced by Mafae Yunon-Belasco, former Miss World 2003 top 5 finisher and PR and Marketing Officer for the film in the Philippines, during an exclusive interview Saturday.

“The team is happy and proud to have Hollywood star Sam Worthington be part of a Philippine production and venue. We are all looking forward to further putting the Philippine film industry on the map and showcasing Filipino talent to an international audience, with Scott Rosenfelt as our producer, Direk Pedring Lopez as our director, and Michael McDermott of MAM Holdings Inc making it all happen. This is something to look forward to. Watch out for it,” said Belasco.

In the movie, Worthington will play a retired hostage negotiator who comes out of retirement to take on one last job, according to popular entertainment website Deadline.com.

Worthington, 43, shot to fame when he played Jake Sully in the 2009 Oscar-award winning movie “Avatar,” now the highest-grossing film of all time around the world. He will appear in the sequels to “Avatar” which will be produced and directed by James Cameron.

This will not be the first time that Worthington will shoot a movie in the Philippines.

Manila is close to Worthington’s heart after he starred in the 2005 movie “The Great Raid.” He starred as Pfc. Lucas in the war movie about a raid in Cabanatuan, an island in Luzon.

MAM Holdings Entertainment is a content development and producing company which creates motion pictures, television shows and online shows that have commercial, worldwide appeal. The company will be based in the Philippines with associate satellite offices in Los Angeles, Europe and Australia, to take advantage of the company’s years of experience in Hollywood film industry.

“MAM Holdings Entertainment will be the first company of its kind, to work with Filipino talent in front of and behind the camera, along with visiting long time established Hollywood veterans, to provide content that explores Filipino and Asian stories that have commercial and international appeal,” said Belasco.

A subsidiary of its parent company, MAM Holdings, the company will use another subsidiary, MAM Holdings Institute of Film, Television & Media Arts, as an incubator for talent. The company will also work with another subsidiary, MAM Holdings Production Services, for below-the-line production for all projects produced in the Philippines and other countries in Asia,” said Belasco.

“MAM Holdings Entertainment has already identified and controls material that will be developed under its banner. These projects encompass original stories, book adaptations and short pieces for the internet and other social media platforms,” she added.

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