FT Island's Minhwan, ex-Laboum's Yulhee welcome twins

FT Island's Minhwan, ex-Laboum's Yulhee welcome twins

K-pop celebrity couple Minhwan and Yulhee added two members to their family, drawing praises from netizens at a time when South Korea suffers from low birth rate.

On Feb. 11, Minhwan, member of K-pop rock band FT Island, 27, announced that his wife Yulhee, 22, former member of girl group Laboum, gave birth to twin girls Ahyoon (nicknamed Ddoya), who was born at 9:18 a.m., and Ahrin (nicknamed Ddoddoya) at 9:19 a.m.

“My wife is also recovering smoothly! Although I still do not believe that I am a father of 3 children, I will work harder to live a more beautiful life with my children in the future. Sincere thanks to those who have supported our family,” he posted on Instagram, according to Osen.

This is the couple’s third child. Their first kid, Jae-yul, was born in May 2018. Their relationship was revealed in September 2017 when Yulhee posted their photos on Instagram.

FT Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee with their first child Jae-yul (Twitter)

In November the same year, she left Laboum. In January 2018, Minhwan announced that they were getting married. After Yulhee gave birth, the couple got married on Oct. 19, 2018.

In addition, FNC Entertainment, FT Island’s agency, revealed that Minwah will be enlisting on Feb. 24 as a full-time reservist. He will undergo five weeks of basic military training prior to his assignment.

As a reservist, Minhwan will fulfill his military service and be allowed to go home daily to be with his family.

Netizens welcomed the birth of the twins, saying that Minhwan and Yulhee are doing a favor to the country, which has been experiencing a decline in birth rates and population.

“People who have the means to have multiple children should be praised for doing so, especially in a time of low birth rates,” commented a Korean, according to Netizen Buzz. Another said, “The fact that he had three kids alone makes him a true patriot.”

South Korea recorded 326,800 live births in 2018, down by 30,900 or 8.7 percent from 2017. Statistics Korea reported that “the total fertility rate (the number of births that a woman would have if she experienced the current age-specific birth rates throughout her childbearing years) recorded 0.98 person in 2018, which hit a new record low after the first-time production of birth statistics in 1970.”

South Korea’s population is estimated to decline to 39 million in 2067 from 51.7 million in 2019, Yonhap News reported.
Minhwan, Yulhee and Jae-yul are currently appearing regularly on the Korean reality TV show “Mr. House Husband” that showcases their life as a family. The story about the birth of the twins will be shown on Feb. 26. Meanwhile, there is no decision yet if they will stay on the show because of Minhwan’s enlistment and the birth of the twins.

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