'Don't be yourself': Toni Gonzaga gives advice for Alex Gonzaga on her wedding

'Don't be yourself': Toni Gonzaga gives advice for Alex Gonzaga on her wedding

MANILA, Philippines — Toni Gonzaga said she was also surprised when she first heard about sister Alex Gonzaga’s engagement.

In a recent interview with the press, including Philstar.com, during her launch as new endorser of skincare brand Cetaphil, Toni said she did not see Alex’s engagement coming nor was she consulted by Alex’s boyfriend, businessman Mikee Morada, about the proposal.

She recalled that the engagement happened when she and her family were on their way to Japan, while Alex, Mikee and their parents were in Hong Kong.

“Si Paul (Toni’s husband Paul Soriano) nagsabi sa’kin na, parang ang weird nu’n na Mikee was in Hong Kong with our parents, parang unusual ‘yun kasi ‘di kami usually pinapayagan. So when he proposed, sabi ni Paul, ‘Ah, kaya pala’,” Toni shared.

She said her sister knows that she likes to meddle, so Alex is keeping her wedding details under wraps even from her.

“‘Di nga n’ya ko sinasama sa mga meeting kasi alam n’yang guguluhin ko lahat eh. Pero OC ako eh, controlling ako,” Toni quipped.

“‘Di n’ya sinasabi kung anong plans nila, basta sabi lang n’ya, ‘Aattend ka na lang, basta, ‘wag ka na makialam,’ kasi alam n’yang nakikialam ako sa mga details eh.”

When asked for a marriage advice for her sister, Toni said: “Ano bang mapapayo ko sa kanya? Ah… Do not be yourself!” 

Toni burst into laughter, then added: “Kasi masyado s’yang loka-loka!”

“Parang payo ko sa kanya, everything changes when you become a wife. Especially when you become a mother, it’s not about you anymore, it’s about the two of you,” Toni explained.

“There’s no more ‘I.’ I keep telling her, ‘There’s no more me, it’s all become we, us, you become one with your partner,’ so sabi ko sa kanya, slowly, iimbibe mo ‘yun para ‘pag kinasal ka na, you are one.”

It can be recalled that Alex posted about Mikee's proposal during her birthday last January 16.

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