Andrea Torres sees Derek Ramsay as ‘the one’

Andrea Torres sees Derek Ramsay as ‘the one’

It seems the relationship of actors Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay will end up at the altar.

On their latest vlog, Derek surprised his girlfriend with a dinner date during which they had an answer and question portion where Andrea was asked if she thinks he is “the one.”

“Of course,” Andrea said, shouting. “You’re the one”

Derek echoed her words, saying: “I can say that in confidence (too), of course.”

The 29-year-old actress added she’s been sure of it from day one of their relationship.

“Feel ko talaga (siya na) from the start. Iba eh. Parang in-orchestrate talaga ni God. Worth the wait.”

Well, that might be the reason they’ve been talking future family already.
Note that during the exchange, Andrea was asked what kind of memories with Derek she would like to make in the future.

“Naku marami! Lagi kong sinasabi sa kanya na gusto ko maraming kids. Gusto ko magka-kids, gusto ko mag-travel. Na-imagine ko ang sarili namin na matanda na kami ta’s nag walking walking kami or gumagawa kami ng whatever form of exercise.”

Asked to describe Derek in one word, Andrea said he is “perfect.”

“Dapat three words (para) perfect for me,” she added in jest.

Their relationship works because they are both “relaxed” and have “no pretentions.”

“Siguro kasi tanggap namin ang isa’t-isa,” she pointed out, to which Derek returned the compliment, saying Andrea is “beautiful inside and out.”

As for Derek, the 43-year-old is as head over heels in love with the actress. He loves “everything” about her.

“It’s hard not to love you,” he said.

Andrea and Derek along with their respective families went on vacation in Japan few days ago. Among the popular spots they visited were Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium, and the famous Glico Running Man in Dotonbori.

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