What should marketers focus on to improve their digital marketing in 2020?

What should marketers focus on to improve their digital marketing in 2020?

MANILA, Philippines — The biggest drivers of digital transformation are customer experiences, data analytics, and innovation in mobile. Because of this, marketers are gathering data and closely monitoring technologies to craft programs and campaigns to grow and scale their brands.

Today, the prevalence and ubiquity of mobile devices have enabled more personal interactions and experiences between brands and consumers.

To boost your understanding of the interrelation of these elements, and therefore improve your digital marketing skills, digital experts at this year's BLINK Seminar will present insights from their industry and brand experiences.

By attending BLINK, you can keep up with important trends that matter and know exactly how to successfully implement the latest techniques. This knowledge will help you in attaining the desired (Return of Investment) ROI in your campaign, creating an ad, or starting on a new platform.

The seminar lets participants share their insights and key takeaways.
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The seminar will give out guiding principles for CMOs and their evolving roles; new commerce emerging in the Philippine landscape; Gen Z and retail: bridging the generation gap for brands; social media hacks to boost SEO; opportunities in mobile: driving business through apps and mobile web; SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  vs. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising; boost open rates through messaging apps.

The seminar will also discuss how micro-moment goes mainstream to improve (customer experience) CX and boost ROI; why brands are shifting to omnichannel marketing; integrating videos across the marketing funnel; popularity of live video streaming; voice search as the new weapon of e-commerce; creating content that resonates and its KPI; and what consumers expect from social media influencers and their ethics.

The seminar is open to all CMOs, brand marketers, business owners, category managers, advertising managers, digital directors, digital agencies, publishers, retailers, media, telcos, content providers, bloggers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, data scientist, digital suppliers, government, academe, digital marketing service providers, and those involved in the digital transformation of companies and businesses.

Don't miss out on the latest trends! Attend the 15th Digital Marketing in a BLINK Seminar 2020 from March 10 to 11 at the AIM Conference Center in Makati City. 

Learn more about the seminar by watching this video:

The program is organized by Fiera de Manila, Inc. ( For inquiries, call: +632-8896-0639, 8896-0637, email: [email protected], visit website at

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